Kerry Progress - Part 1

by Chris Morgan 8. July 2013 09:01

After the stripdown, the character of the building was starting to show, but was in need of a helping hand.

First of all, a new limecrete floor was laid in the outbuildings.

Lime is used to allow breathability throught the building. this is a traditional building material and helps reduce the occurence of damp in modern renovations.


After the floor was laid and set, the next step was to clean up the walls.

The sandblaster removes dirt, mould, paint, and the top layer of the brick face and mortar, exposing a wall that looks as it did when it was first built


The difference between the original and the newly refreshed wall is clear to see.

Whilst most of the wall will be covered and insulated, the protruding pillars and some intarnal brickwork will be left to keep the character of the building on show.